Inspired by the practices of early education professionals in the Italian city of Reggio-Emilia, the 早教中心 采用了类似的方法来创造所谓的紧急情况 课程— instructors collaborate with their students to design projects or investigations based on the students’ expressed interest. In this way, children’s innate curiosity becomes the engine of their learning. 接触到这种方法的学生往往会变得更加自信, 更加独立的, 更有能力支持自己的教育, rather than relying passively on the direct instruction provided by a teacher. 即使在早期, students prove themselves increasingly capable of caring for their learning environment as well as for the needs of others, thereby taking initial steps toward becoming “ethically responsible” citizens.

Teachers become intimately aware of each student’s contribution to the collective community, encouraging 协作 while respecting individual students’ pace and performance. The practical skills and more academic understandings that students will inevitably need to succeed as they continue upward in 学习螺旋 从调查中自然而然地产生. In this way, learning becomes an experience of discovery, of invention, and of wonder.

  • The program serves girls two to four years of age and boys two to five and is the only one of its kind in the Charleston area.
  • All lead teachers and the director are fully qualified and hold master’s degrees in education. They work collaboratively to provide a prepared environment that promotes individualized learning through hands-on p艺术icipation.
  • 孩子们每天都有法语课. Because young children best learn a second language through conversation, 学生通过改良的浸入式教学方式接触法语.
  •  早教中心的特色是 工作室,or 艺术 space—for the young students to weave 创造力 into their daily explorations. 它由 atelierista—or 艺术 teacher—who encourages the children to express their knowledge and observations through song, 运动, 和艺术.
  • All early education grade levels enjoy weekly swim class throughout the year in the indoor pool.




Students begin the transition from Reggio-Emilia-inspired instruction into a more modified approach which will equip them for the experience they will encounter in Kinderg艺术en and throughout their years in 较低的学校. Although students do receive more directed instruction in grades Kinderg艺术en through four, there remains a clear emphasis on other strategies consistent with emergent 课程 目标. This is evident in our integration of academic standards into student-directed projects and more pronouncedly in our language 艺术 instruction, 它采用了来自学习单元的技术, 由哥伦比亚大学师范学院开发. 阅读和写作是通过工作坊的方式来教授的. These methods allow for students to become avid and skilled readers, writers, and inquirers. The programs stress the importance of each student directing the development of her own reading and writing projects, 指导的,但不受正式指导和同行评审的支配的.

类项目, designed and developed by students in a manner similar to the investigations conducted in our 早教中心, provide for 协作s allowing students to realize their own discoveries and thereby continue to feel more fully p艺术icipatory in their own education. 这种信心是十大网赌平台推荐的重要目标之一 十大最好的网赌平台的使命, and we are constantly seeking to create opportunities for students to assume responsibility for their activities both in and out of the classroom. These 协作s encourage cross-curricular studies that reveal to the students how seemingly disparate ‘subjects’ are, 事实上, mutually reinforcing disciplines—an understanding which lays the foundation for their future course work in Humanities and the interdisciplinary Oral Defense Projects and Senior Theses in 上学校.

  • The 较低的学校 offers a dedicated science laboratory with weekly hands-on instruction and field trips held throughout the year.
  • A full-time guidance counselor serves on faculty offering individualized attention to the physical and 情感 needs of each girl.
  • Encouraging young female engineers, the 较低的学校 features their own Lego team. Lego activities introduce students to real-world 工程 challenges by having them build Lego-based robots that are coded to complete specific tasks.
  • 日常数学 是课程的重要组成部分吗. 由芝加哥大学开发, 日常数学 强调数学在现实世界中的应用.
  • 低年级扫盲课程使用学习单元, 由哥伦比亚大学师范学院开发, to foster a love of the written word and support students as they become independent, 自信的读者和作者.    
  • Every kinderg艺术ener takes violin or cello and all students have the opportunity to p艺术icipate in a variety of music lessons including strings, 钢琴, 和吉他.


中级课程| 5年级和6年级


也许根本就没有 学习螺旋 is the challenge to help our students acquire the skills they will need to “meet the challenges of society with confidence” more acute than in 中间的程序. 女孩, the ages between ten and fourteen are especially crucial to their physical, 情感, 智力发展. 社会 concerns begin to occupy more of students’ time and attention 同时 as their academic duties become more and more demanding. Physiological changes can add to the cognitive dissonance girls are experiencing. 认识到所有这些因素, we have designed a two-year sequence of instruction for the fifth and sixth grades that emphasizes the 十大最好的网赌平台 Hallmarks of compassion, 洞察力, 协作, 情报, 创造力, 意志坚强, 和世俗. A central component of this 课程 is our STEAM program—a cross-curricular project synthesizing students’ studies in science, 技术, 工程, 艺术, 和数学. This approach includes introducing students to basic robotics and coding, while encouraging them to see more clearly the various ways in which these different disciplines overlap and interact in surprising ways.

因为这几年对十大网赌平台推荐的女孩来说是变革性的, we have taken pains to build a dedicated team of teachers who work closely with one another to coordinate their respective course contents and insure that each student is given the guidance she needs to make the transition from elementary school to the academic and social environment of 上学校 (七年级至十二年级).

  • This two-year program is specifically designed for the pre-adolescent years and gives individualized attention to each girl during this critical time of 情感 and physical development.
  • Study skills are emphasized to ensure the student is ready for the fast-paced life of the 上学校.
  • 蒸汽(科学), 技术, 工程, 艺术, 和数学)课程从中级课程开始. Young students are encouraged to explore and pursue these fields of interest that are traditionally underrepresented by women.
  • Students p艺术icipate in an 艺术 rotation that exposes them to visual 艺术 and music.
  • 自信和自我表达是通过正式的演讲课程来建立的. Girls present on a continuous basis to their classmates as well as at special assemblies.
  • 中间的程序 students p艺术icipate in the School’s formal athletic program through Bantam sports such as volleyball, 篮球, 和网球.

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高中| 7-12年级


当学生进入时 上学校 in Jenkins Hall, they experience a quickening pulse in every aspect of their lives. All of the preparation they have undergone in preceding years now begins to bear fruit in more sophisticated applications of their acquired skills and understandings. Humanities classes conducted as student-directed conversations around a Harkness Table encourage each student to p艺术icipate on equal terms with her classmates in a manner reminiscent of the investigations she enjoyed as a child in the 早教中心. The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) used to assess her fluency in French or Spanish reinforces her understanding of these languages as instruments with which to unlock the doors to other cultures and, 同时, 让她更有信心成为一个真正的世界公民.

随着每一年的成功,学生在 上学校 discover more opportunities to exercise their critical thinking through interdisciplinary studies such as those required by the Oral Defense Project (ODP), 毕业论文, 和高级项目. Each of these activities include a public presentation at which students demonstrate their command of multiple disciplines as they pertain to a single essential question, thereby demonstrating their acquired authority in those fields of study.

As 上学校 students prepare to venture out into the world beyond 十大最好的网赌平台’s physical boundaries, 这样的世界也来到了十大网赌平台推荐的校园. 国际寄宿生住在 伊丽莎白·里弗斯·勒温54年全球研究之家 enrich the intellectual and cultural life of our community in countless ways. Their presence is a daily reminder that 十大最好的网赌平台 exists in a network—not a virtual, 而是一个真实的世界性的社会网络, 政治, 经济, 以及文化社区. 学生走出了人生的这一阶段 学习螺旋 铭记他们对这些社区的义务.

  • 上学校’s younger students—seventh and eighth graders—receive individualized attention that ensures a successful transition into 上学校 life.
  • 从八年级开始, students explore the humanities through the Harkness philosophy developed by Phillip Exeter Academy. Positioned around the oval Harkness table so everyone is seen and heard, 学生通过分享想法和观点来学习批判性思维.
  • College counseling begins in earnest during 9th grade preparing the student for the formal application process.
  • The 上学校 features a strong science program that emphasizes hand-on experiences. Students capitalize on p艺术nerships with the Medical University of South Carolina working closely with leading researchers in various fields of medicine.
  • Fine 艺术 opportunities abound with many girls p艺术icipating in the school’s renowned Red Choir and Show Choir or various theater productions. Visual 艺术 are explored through sketching and painting as well as sculpture.
  • The International Boarding Program begins in ninth grade and brings girls from around the world to study at 十大最好的网赌平台 offering a global perspective to our campus.


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十大最好的网赌平台是一所位于查尔斯顿的私立女子学校, South Carolina enrolling students in kinderg艺术en-grade 12 with a co-educational pre-k program.